a few shades of what?

Had an interesting patient this week.

presented at 11pm to ED.

58yo Male. Accountant.

came to ED with his wife. Quietly came to the desk and asked to see the doctor.

Taken to side room. removed his jeans and had a large number thin linear bruises over both buttocks and lower back. Laceration across Left buttock about 1cm deep and 4 cm long.

After some discussion patient explained that he and his wife had been “experimenting” after her recently reading an erotic novel. She had tripped a little or he had moved was unclear and she caught her heel on his buttock and caused said laceration…

Wound was closed with local, sutures. given course of oral ABx as who knows where those heels have been!

So it left me wondering is this the beginning of the tsunami of ED presentations secondary to BDSM….. Erika Leonard!

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