I was working nights and had that sorta grumbly tummy you can get where your just not right but nothing to worry about. Took a couple panadol and carried on. Slept alright the following day but pain was getting bit more so did what most doctors do and took some codiene and carried on.

Nightshift was ok few to see but not super busy. But as it carried on i started feeling worse. hot and cold. got up from chair and felt light-headed and very nauseated. Night nurse declared i was white as a sheet and was in no state to see patients. Thankfully one of the other docs who was oncall nipped in to finish my shift.

He put me in a sideroom and had a bit of a look at me. “could be your appy but you knew that didnt you?”

So had an ok sleep for a couple hours. woke up and had bloods.

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Cool local ultrasonographer goes “you know we never really get a good view of these. lays probe on and there is an appendix.

Abdominal pain

Abdominal pain

Appendix was reported as “likely normal, some increased vascularity, clinical correlation is required”

Bloods showed mild neutrophilia and CRP of 56

Chat with surgeon went like this “Want it out?”


“Lets do that then”

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I have failed the #FOAMed team in that the nurse in theatre struggled with my phone so the video of my intubation is rubbish. =(

 Post op went pretty well, bit tender but got on with things.

Sympathy flowed from my medical friends…

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 Finally big thanks to everyone who was involved in my care.



Clinical Details
Nil. (Surgeons!)

Appendix 50x10mm with fragment of mesoappendix 45x9mm.  Serosa is congested
and the wall is focally haemorrhagic and firm.  (mp/1/r; HEBL)

Sections show appendix with extensive mucosal ulceration and a moderate
transmural acute inflammatory infiltrate, consistent with acute

Appendix:  Acute appendicitis

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