FOAMed Question of the day 3 #FOAMedQOTD


Name four techniques used to reduce dislocated shoulders:




    …they are legion. Cunningham now my preferred

  2. Jess and Rory says:

    Scapular rotation

  3. 1* Hippocratic technique: good old traction/countertraction
    2* Milch: gradual abduction & external rotation
    3* Cunningham method: benefit of no sedation & quick discharge.
    4* Stimson method: prone patient; weight applied to affected arm (hanging over side of bed).

  4. Four eponymous techniques? or just four techniques?

    I’ll go with: Hippocrates, Kocher, Cunningham, Spaso, Stimson. Ok, five.

  5. Cunningham, spaso, cocker’s, snowbird

  6. I haven’t had too many shoulder dislocations, far more hips but…

    1. rotation technique – adduct shoulder, externally rotate across elbow slowly until pop (tried once, worked).
    2. weight technique – tie weights to persons arm, have him laying on his abdomen, dislocated shoulder / arm off the edge of bed with weights attached, leave room. (never tried)
    3.. scapular massage technique – rotate scapula inf tip medially (never worked)
    4.. Cunningham technique –

  7. I use one only – works for me:
    – lay patient prone
    -hang affected arm over edge of bed
    -strap weight to wrist- use ur judgement as to weight required
    – relax the patient with meds – for pain, whatever u familiar with locally.
    Shoulder relocates – most of the time


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