FOAMed question of the day 12 #FOAMedQOTD

Where did this doctor practice? What was his cane used for?

Bonus question what where the signs of the disease he treated most?




  1. Vincristine says:

    He is a Plague Doctor. These protective garments were used during the plagues in the 16th and 17th century. The cane was used to keep people at a distance, roll bodies or point to bits of interest

    Ring a ring a roses, a pocket full of posies, atischoo atischoo we all fall down

    Buboes or pneumonia

  2. He’s a Venetian doctor from the 14th century probably . Venice

    The cane was used to examine dying patients without direct skin contact

    The bubonic plague – festering inguinal lymphadenopathy, fevers and gangrene of peripheries – fingers , toes noses etc

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