#FOAMed Question of the day : 2 #FOAMedQOTD

What injury is shown in the films?

R WRIST 0001

R WRIST 2 0001



  1. Hi Andre,

    PA view shows crowding of the scapho-lunate joint, also there is a small fleck of bone visible between the lunate & capitate not sure of the donor site. I think the ulna styloid # is old, looks very well corticated to me.

    The ‘lateral’ view, there is a bit of rotation, the articulation of the lunate with the radius looks intact but there is a dorsal dislocation of the distal carpal row.

    I’m going with a perilunate dislocation, I can’t convincingly see a scaphoid #.

    Clinically need to check distal nv status and urgent liasion with orthopaedics; local service availabilty and time to OT would dictate whether to attempt reduction in ED vs OT.

  2. Perilunate dislocation

  3. Perilunate dislocation….

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