FOAMed question of the day 28 #FOAMedQOTD

A patient is brought in by ambulance with the following:

What sign is present? and what is its significance?

Which seat is the patient most likely to have been sitting in?





  1. Belinda Hibble says:

    Lap belt sign
    Resulting from head on collisions, with risk of Chance fracture (L1/2 burst fracture), pancreatic laceration or duodenal injury.
    Most common in middle back seat when lap belts had been positioned – now all seats in cars (in Oz) must be fitted with 3 point belts.

  2. Seatbelt sign. Looks like a lap belt. No shoulder strap mark.
    Probably sitting in rear centre seat of older car

    Seat belt sign has a decent +LR for abdominal injury. eg. Solid organ rupture, visceral injury and Chance fracture / retro peritoneal organ injury

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