FOAMed Question of the day 4 #FOAMedQOTD

When might you use flint circles in medical practice?



  1. Hadn’t heard of them till I I just Googled it, clearly a NZ thing :-)

    Sounds interesting though I was brought up in the land of Langer’s lines.

    Tried to DM you but Twitter wouldn’t let me, sry.

  2. No idea.
    I tried to google for it too….and didn’t find much.
    Replacement of vertebra doesn’t make sense…
    It contains white chalk and if this were the 1950s could be used as part of a diet fad….
    Kind of looks like pot so used to store water or something….

    I got nothing.

    I have no clue, but am genuinely curious now.

  3. Rory and Jess says:

    The concept where skin is laid in the foetal position. Circular stamps are placed and then when standing the long axis of the ellipse will be lines of skin tension to take out your nz formed melanoma. Much like he nz formed flint circles.

  4. Lynz Kidd says:

    It is used in surgical procedures to determine skin tension lines. Flint was a surgeon who discovered Flint circles

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