FOAMed Question of the day 7 #FOAMedQOTD

What pattern of bruising is shown? what mechanism of injury causes this pattern?





  1. It’s tramline bruising.

    Last time I saw it someone had been hit with a truncheon whilst resisting arrest. The blood vessels at the edge rupture, leading to the bruising whilst hose at the centre are compressed.

  2. Tramline bruising, produced by being whipped by a belt or similar object. In South Africa, tramline bruising is caused commonly by a sjambok, a traditional weapon. If multiple, watch out for rhabdomyolysis.

  3. Willem Jooste says:

    Tramtracking! Usually caused by blunt trauma c a hard linear object like a cane. Lots of those and you will definitly be faced c a crush injury. In South Africa we call them sjambok injuries, a bit of an Anglicised version of the Afrikaans woord “sambok”, refering to a whip made out of a thin strip of hide. We see some nasty cases as this is the preferred method of punishment dished out by our “bush tribunals”-community members taking the law into their own hands. Very nice example!

  4. Chee Yong Chuan says:

    This image is very suggestive of tram line contusion/bruising. They are inflicted during assault, and is usually caused by thin objects like canes, wires, rubber hose, PVC pipes among others. Due to the compression, bruising will be most prominent over margins making parallel lines.

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