FOAMed question of the day 63 #FOAMedQOTD


What is the LD50 for caffeine? How many standard coffees does this equate to? Answer: The LD50 of caffeine is thought to be 200mg/kg based on case reports and animal studies. This equates to 80-100 standard coffees. Ref: … [Continue reading]

FOAMed question of the day 62 #FOAMedQOTD


 Patient returns from a holiday to visit family on an aussie farm. Diagnosis? Treatment? Answer: The snake like tracking and history to exposure to a farm environment would make the most likely diagnosis Cutaneous larva migrans. The lovely … [Continue reading]

FOAMed question of the day 61 #FOAMedQOTD


Amylase and lipase are both used in the diagnosis of pancreatitis. Which is more sensitive and by approximately how much? Answer: Lipase is significantly more sensitive than amylase and may be more specific as well. Lipase is around 97% … [Continue reading]

FOAMed question of the day 60 #FOAMedQOTD


What are the major criteria of cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome? Answer: The only essential criteria are long term cannabis use. Major criteria are Severe cyclic nausea and vomiting Resolution with cannabis cessation, Relief of symptoms … [Continue reading]

FOAMed question of the day 59 #FOAMedQOTD


NSAID use has been linked with increased cardiovascular risk. What NSAIDs are considered the highest risk?   Answer: Cox-2 inhibitors seem to be increased with the highest risk approx 2 fold. Of the non-selective NSAIDS diclofenac seems to … [Continue reading]