Assault in hospital.

Sadly assaults both verbal and physical  are a common occurance in hospitals around the world. A recent survey in the NZMJ confirms the amazing prevelance. Nurses are more at risk than doctors as they spend more time in promixity to patients. With … [Continue reading]

Going back to school.

While most of the #FOAMed world descended on the Gold Coast for #SMACCgold I was off to school with Ms 5. Going back to school was an interesting experience and reinforced the models used for teaching. As training CC doctors are pretty similar to … [Continue reading]

Well done Crusaders!

Good to see the Crusaders medical team giving their player time to properly recover from concussion. Sadly some conversations about "rugby becoming soft" ect. Hopefully this culture can be changed.  Keep your eyes peeled for the LITFL team current … [Continue reading]

“Dad’s acting like a goldfish.”

55 year old man presents to ED in the presence of his son after becoming confused at the supermarket whilst doing his morning shopping. No memory of why he was shopping, no memory of being in the supermarket or how he arrived there. Unable to … [Continue reading]

Emergency and stroke physician combined consensus statement on thrombolysis for acute stroke

The latest NZMJ contained a consensus statement from the NZ faculty of ACEM which differs slightly from the ACEM statement. It is longer than the ACEM statement and fills out some of the brief statements. As with many of these documents many of the … [Continue reading]