Master of no trades, Jack of some.

Sometimes I feel very lucky to work somewhere you get to do a bit of everything.  So here was my day today, working the surgical side of the hospital ATM.

Arrived via bike at 0745, shower and into scrubs for work.

0800 the O+G consultant arrives for his round, 3 day 1 post op, 2 vag-hysts one open. all doing not too bad.

0815 the Urologist comes to review his radical prostatectomy from the day before. and a new pt with hx of stones and classic symptoms, USS no obstruction. cons management try avoid CTU.

0830 the General surgical round starts, 12 patients, 7 elective 5 acute. only 3 new today, appendix that went to theatre last night. a resolving SBO. diverticulitis. Epistaxis. Hartmann’s.

So few jobs to do after the rounds ect and a Coffee arrives from an angelic nurse. Remove the Rapid Rhino from the epistaxis, recharting ect.

0915 Acute Admission for Gen Surg, Haemetemsis/Coffee Ground vomiting, 85 y/o man. Pop to ED to be helpful as I will need to see them sooner or later. Pt to theatre me to blood bank to get couple units and get them to pt (happens faster if you do it yourself)

0930 General Surgeon lets me perform supervised gastroscopy, after brief bronchoscopy (happens to the best of us, mostly to the worst tho) gastroscopy shows diffuse gastritis. Review Pt post and get full admission done.

1100 Orthopaedic surgeon arrives for his round but keen to get on with his cases as he has couple to do. As I have been with him before he’s happy for me to do some cannulated screws supervised. As he needs his second coffee of the day he does not scrub just yells from afar. “Remember 3 dimensions, Dont make them convergent!” then argues with anaesthetic staff about regional nerve blocks. good retort from gas man as he raises a bottle of propofol “I prefer a generalised regional block..”

My Handiwork

1215 Lunchtime, Fish and chips (That is very important)

1230 Orthopod comes from theatre to review his pts on the ward. Argue about use of benzos in back pain (blaming some of you for this)

1315, Discharge 3-4 patients who are doing well and keen to get on their ways.

1400 Call from radiologist as hes got a case he thinks I would like to do. Pop down to perform a USS guided liver Biopsy.

1500. Then up to Maternity ward to do 3 baby checks. Aww they are so cute! One for paeds review at 3 months with undecended testis.

1530 on way back from maternity see the ED MOSS walking back to ED. asks if im keen to reduce a shoulder he’s just been called about. wander down for a very lightly sedated scapula rotation.

1600, Change back into my bike gears and get off home. Feel pretty lucky that I get to do a bit of everything. Can be hectic but worth the busy days for ones like today.

Hope you had a good day too!